TestNav 7.5.10 Hardware and Software Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements for all workstations used to access TestNav are listed on this page. You can find the version of TestNav that you are using by looking at the URL or at the bottom of the TestNav login screen in the browser.

Note: Please do not make any technology changes during an online testing administration, including applying software patches.

Specific thin client and virtualization vendors have gone through the TestNav Qualification program to qualify their products to work with TestNav. For more information on the qualified products, go to testnavqualified.com. Other thin client and desktop and tablet virtualization solutions of any kind are not supported or allowed for online testing.

As a general rule of thumb regarding optimal student experiences for online testing, any computer that takes noticeably long (for example, 10 seconds or more) to start and run applications should be avoided for use with online testing.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements
Windows Macintosh


1.6 GHz x86-compatible

Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz
Only Intel-based Macs are supported


512 MB RAM


Screen Resolution

1024 x 768

1024 x 768

Software Requirements

You may use any combination that is marked with a ✔. A blank entry in the table means the option is not available or not supported.

Windows IE 7.0 IE 8.0 IE 9.0 IE 10.0 Chrome * Firefox *

XP (SP 3)


Server 2008


8 †

Mac OS X Safari 4.0 Safari 5.0 ‡ Safari 6.0 ‡ Chrome *






✔ §



✔ §

* TestNav uses the system browser, which is IE on Windows and Safari on Mac OS X, to administer the test. This requires that IE on Windows and Safari on Mac OS X meet the minimum Flash requirements below. Chrome 20 was tested and is supported on both platforms. Firefox 14, and Firefox 3.6.28 were tested and are supported on Windows only. Newer release versions of Chrome and Firefox should also work, but remember not to make software or technology changes during an online test administration.

† When testing on a tablet device running Windows 8, a pointer-based cursor interface such as a stylus, mouse, or touch pad, and an external keyboard are required. Windows RT is not supported.

‡ These versions of Safari will not permit the use of any Flash version with known security vulnerabilities. If you have trouble with Flash content, update to the latest Flash release.

§ Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 users who install the Java for OS X 2012-006 update from Apple on student workstations will not be able to use the Chrome browser. The update breaks compatibility.

Browser Dependencies

For proper functioning of the system, the following must be enabled:

Firewall / Proxy Servers / Content Filtering

When using Proctor Caching, the following must be opened in any firewalls, proxy servers, or software that is used for internet content filtering:


Note for Mac 10.6: In certain situations when the parental control is on and the user attempts to connect to SSL sites, the automatic Internet content filter on Mac 10.6 workstations may block the testnav.com domain. To resolve this, set the parental control to “Always Allow” the testnav.com domain.

What's New

These are the changes that have been made to this documentation since the previous version. View requirements for other software versions.

5/10/2013Added a list of specific Flash versions that are known to cause problems.
4/8/2013Removed note about NComputing compatibility and replaced it with a new paragraph and link about the TestNav Qualification program for thin clients and virtualization platforms.
3/12/2013Added the note under Browser Dependencies about IE9 and the Java version needed.
12/13/2012Added "and tablet" to this sentence, for added clarity: "Other thin client and desktop and tablet virtualization solutions of any kind are not supported for online testing."
11/26/2012Added a note about testing using Windows 8 on tablet devices.
11/7/2012Added a note about the Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 update, Java for OS X 2012-006, from Apple and how it affects the Chrome browser.
10/19/2012Added support for Windows 8.
10/19/2012Added support for IE 10.0.
10/19/2012Updated the firewall rules section to make it easier to read and to remove URLs that no longer need to be listed, specifically for testnavstatic.com.